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Cyber Security Insurance

Cyber security risks have become significant as more and more customers information is being stored in electronic form. As your business grows, so does your risk of being a victim of a cyber-attack. One of the main issues with a cyber-attack is the amount of time and money a business has to spend to notify all clients that are/were potentially affected.

Let a cyber security insurance policy step in and work for you. Securing the proper protection is viable to the efficiency and future growth of your business. Potential cyber risks that our cyber security insurance covers include:

  • Identity theft where sensitive information is stolen by a hacker or accidently leaked. Information includes credit cards, social security numbers, employee identification numbers, driver’s license and personal PINs.
  • Damage to your businesses reputation
  • Cost associated with damage to data records
  • Employee disclosing sensitive information to a client or co-worker
  • Business interruption from a hacker shutting down a network
  • The cost of increased monitoring for clients affected by the cyber-attack.